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I don't know about you but I always find most links that people create from their websites to be pretty naff. I guess it all boils down to individual interests and what might be appealing to one person might be total rubbish to someone else.

Anyway, despite what I have said, here are a few domains which I think are worth mentioning. I have attempted to explain why I have included them here so you at least understand my justification for listing them. I hope you approve...

The very first website I uploaded using a very rudimentary FTP system as I recall. This site was built using Frontpage version 2 when it was a standalone package. I was also using Compuserve as my ISP in those days and I had to pay them in dollars every month for my pay-as-you-go connection and rather than a name, you had a number as your e-mail address. Mine being 100695@compuserve.com
bbc.co.uk is the default homepage that I have my browsers set up for. I have had a number of homepages over the years as my interests have changed but about 4 years ago I decided that the best way to keep in touch with what is happening in the real world was to use a site that can give you up-to-date information. What could be easier than to see what is going on the second you open your browser without any conscious effort being made to go and look.
This is Eleanor's business. She has worked very hard for her qualifications and is an extremely good accountant. I could not even think of not providing a link to her website which by the way, I built for her. If you want to give me feedback on what you think of it then I don't mind but please don't try and compare it to some fancy sites that take ages to load and are difficult to navigate. This is a site designed for her customers. They want it simply laid out and easily understood.
This is our house in Western Australia. We bought it so we had somewhere to stay when we visit my sister and her family who have a beautiful home in Perth. When we are not there, we rent it out to holidaymakers etc. Yes, you guessed it, I built this website too. It has a similar style to all the other sites (the button shape eh...) I do like oval buttons for some reason. I have decided to follow a common theme for our sites which is different to the websites I create for other people.


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